Display Screen Equipment Awareness

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Protect you and your employees from the incorrect use of Display Screen Equipment.

Providing training to employees in the correct use of display screen equipment is a key component of your health and safety responsibilities. This course can help to reduce the risk of ill health, improve office wellbeing and reduce risks of litigation against your company.

This e-learning course provides a quick and easy method of teaching display screen equipment (DSE) users how to correctly set up and use their workstations.

The programme also allows DSE users to assess and resolve any concerns with the set-up of their workstation. The user will be able to download and print a DSE self assessment at the end of the training, therefore helping you to meet your legal duty to train DSE users and assess DSE workstations.

Topics covered

  • Workstation set up
  • Workstation environment
  • Health effects of incorrect DSE use
  • Your chair and adjusting it
  • Adjusting your screen/monitor
  • Eye care
  • Correct use of a keyboard and mouse
  • Laptop use

At the end of the course there is a short multiple choice test. Reaching the pass mark allows the learner to download/print a personalised certificate of completion.
Buying this course will give learners unlimited access to the learning materials for 3 months.