Bespoke Training Packages

The TEAM Bespoke Training Package is a purpose-built Health and Safety Learning Management System. This delivers exactly the right training to the right people, at the right time for them. It’s ideal when you need a system that comes to your staff wherever they are, with a compliance programme that measures exactly what they’ve learned and reports any issues you need to be aware of.

The web-based system comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use reporting engine, so you can check on learner progress and be alerted to any concerns that are raised through our innovative self-assessment surveys, which can be included as part of any of our courses.

The TEAM Bespoke Training Package will help to ensure compliance is maintained, through automated refresher training and an integral management escalation system.


The TEAM Bespoke Training Package includes:

  • Management reporting and completion tracking,
  • Automated reminders for repeat (e.g. annual) training,
  • Compliance monitoring,
  • Issue escalation to management and central co-ordinators,
  • Bespoke and customised courses – tailored to your business,
  • Free course updates – we monitor for legislation and best practice changes,
  • Software as a Service: Hosted by us, we do all the IT,
  • Regular system updates providing new features requested by customers.

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