About us

TEAM Safety Services Limited is a highly professional Health and Safety Consultancy and Training provider.

Established by three experienced Health and Safety Professionals, Tony, Ellis And Mick. TEAM Safety Services Ltd provides companies and organisations with a one stop shop for all your Health and Safety needs. With over twenty years experience within the Health and Safety industry TEAM Safety Services Ltd has the knowledge and understanding to deal with all arising issues.

Specialising in all areas of Health and Safety TEAM Safety Services Ltd will be a valuable asset to any company or organisation, ensuring legislative requirements are met in a practical, affordable and professional manner.

As we are all aware, Health and Safety has to be at the forefront of any business, but this should not stop you achieving your goals or prevent you claiming a share of your potential market. TEAM Safety Services Ltd believe in practical and workable solutions. Keeping your workforce safe, ensuring compliance with the required legislation but most importantly keeping your production running. Practical and workable solutions are what makes TEAM Safety Services Ltd so successful!

Our health and safety e-learning packages provide Employers a convenient means to ensure that their Employees are receiving the required health and safety training.

The TEAM Safety Services health and safety e-learning courses provide learners with the required information, instruction and training, to help them successfully manage their workplace hazards and risks. Each e-learning course will take the learner on a guided journey through the required risk critical content and takes appoxminatley 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Once the learner has completed the online training modules they will be required to complete an evidence of understanding questionnaire. On successful completion of this a competency certificate will be issued.

Forfurther information regarding the services TEAM Safety Services offer please contact our offices on 01582 784968 or email info@teamsafetyservices.com.